Nature Hike and Photography

Ready for a little nature hike and photography?

Enjoying Montana doesn’t require a four-wheeler, skis, a fancy road bike, or a boat. All you really need is a pair of hiking boots.

Timid about exploring on your own? Go with a group! The Flathead Valley is ripe with hiking groups that meet regularly, and some that gather together for the enjoyment of a springtime stroll once in May.

How about this for a ‘taste-test’:  Join Betty Kuropat, Saturday May 20, for a native plant, landscape, and nature photography outing. Enjoy a two-mile round-trip walk and a one-hour drive each way. Bring your own lunch, snacks, and comfortable walking/hiking shoes. Meet at Grouse Mountain Lodge tennis court rest area parking at 9 am.

Sound fun? We think so, too.

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