DIY Bike Tune Up

  For those of us non-professional bicyclists, gearing up to ride bikes in the summer usually means pulling the bicycle out of storage and testing the tires to make sure they still have air. But that’s not really the best way to take care of your bike. […]

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Cleaning Out Your Storage Unit

Have a little too much stuff? It happens to all of us. If you’re ready to let go of some gear, sell some furniture and make room for new hobbies—here are two great sales and gear swaps available to you this month! Parking Lot Sale at St. Matthew’s […]

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Nature Hike and Photography

Ready for a little nature hike and photography? Enjoying Montana doesn’t require a four-wheeler, skis, a fancy road bike, or a boat. All you really need is a pair of hiking boots. Timid about exploring on your own? Go with a group! The Flathead Valley is ripe with […]

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