Organize Your RV

Windmill Storage houses many, many RV’s—big, small, and all the sizes in between. With all the coming and going, we’ve observed how the experts camp. Here’s a few tips we’ve gleaned from the Windmill Storage RV Campers:

  1. Organize your storage area. Rather than throwing the grill, tools, chairs and cooler in haphazardly, take the time to create space for each item. For example, fishing poles can be hung with hooks. Tools can be organized on a peg-board. Grilling accouterments can be easily stored in clear plastic bins (so you can see whether you have enough charcoal starter or not 🙂
  2. Never forget to stock the toilet paper before you run out.
  3. Make a check-list of must-haves. Write down what you’ll need before you park your RV in storage.
  4. Never leave the cleaning for ‘next time’. Mildew, mold, and rust are not your friends.
  5. Remove all food from cabinets, drawers, and refrigerators. Use odor-proof, secure storage for any scented item. Not only will this keep your ride smelling good, you won’t be attracting any unwanted guests.

Summer in Montana can’t be beat. Enjoying this wild place of beauty is a life pleasure worth preparing for. Have fun and be safe.


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