Tent Camping in Glacier


Bears! Photo courtesy of Orias1978, Flickr


ALERT! Thanks to a very hungry bear, soft-sided tents are currently banned in The Many Glacier Campground in Glacier National Park until further notice. Hard-sided camping is, however, still allowed—so if you’re headed that direction, be sure to pack your things in a small van or vehicle with a pop-up tent (with no exposed canvas).

Who could blame the bear? Freshly caught trout is a big pay-off for these hungry foragers.

It’s best to observe safe food handling and storage techniques everywhere—even in a front-country campground. We are, after all, still visitors in their majestic home.

Tips for safe food storage:

  1. Do not leave any food unattended! Besides bears, you may attract raccoons, rodents, and birds.
  2. Do not store any food, scented items, or trash inside your tent.
  3. Use a food locker, bear canister, or a vehicle to secure uneaten food.
  4. Utilize an odor-proof plastic bag for your trash.

Camping in Glacier National Park is a memory for all-time. By observing safe food handling, you protect the environment, the bears, and yourself!

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