Pricing of Self Storage Units

Cold Storage

5×5       25sf    $40/mo.

5×10      50sf    $50/mo.

5×15      75sf    $65/mo.

10×10    100sf    $80/mo.

10×15    150sf   $115/mo.

10×20    200sf    $125/mo.

10×25    250sf    $155/mo.

10×30    300sf    $175/mo.

12×11    132sf    $85/mo.

12×22    264sf    $155/mo.

12×28    336sf    $169/mo.

13×33    429sf    $215/mo.

15×15    225sf    $129/mo.

20×30  600sf     $260/mo.

39×33 1287sf     $470/mo.

Drive thru

1 Door at each end

10×40    400sf    $220/mo.

12×50    600sf    $270/mo.

Lighted units

20×30    600sf    $269/mo.

Asphalt Parking

12×25     300sf   $79/mo.
(A-1 thru 6)

Gravel Parking

12×22, 12×25 $65/69 mo.
12×33, 13×30 $79/mo.
12×40 $85/mo.

Heated Storage

13×30 390sf $325/mo.

16×50 800sf $495/mo.

20×50 1000sf $545/mo.

39×30 1170sf $585/mo.

Commercial Office w/Warehouse

300sf. ofc. and 35×50 warehouse $1200/mo.

300-600sf $650-$850/mo.

Large door units

9×6         54sf     $55/mo.

10×20    200sf    $125/mo. (no lights)

15×20    300sf    $169/mo. (no lights)

12×22    264sf    $155/mo.

12×24    288sf    $169/mo.

12×26    312sf    $179/mo.

12×27    324sf    $189/mo.

12×28    336sf    $189/mo.

12×30    360sf    $195/mo.

12×54    648sf    $289/mo.

13×35    455sf    $225/mo.

13×54    702sf    $300/mo.

34×35  1190sf    $490/mo.

Covered Parking

End cap   600sf    $99/mo.

16×50       850sf   $175/mo.


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Sizes to fit every budget and storage need!

People have different names for self storage rental units.  They call us every day asking about our storage lockers, mini storage, or even clever names like U stor IT. Regardless of what you call them our public self storage units are exactly what you are looking for.

We have storage units to meet any requirement; from small 5×5 storage lockers to heated warehouse storage 40×30 and all are behind a security gate with 24×7 surveillance cameras. Our prices are the most competitive in the Flathead Valley and we even offer moving dollies at no cost.

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