2016 Montana Hunting Season

Photo courtesy of Per, Flckr

Photo courtesy of Per, Flckr

Folks in Montana love hunting, as demonstrated by the 433,538 licenses sold to residents in 2015. Non-residents bought 57,887 licenses last year as well. Numbers for this year look to be just as big, considering the healthy levels of whitetail deer 3 years old and up.

Hunting is part of Montana’s 6 BILLION dollar outdoor recreation economy. Are you ready to be part of the big game season?

2016 Big Game Seasons:
900 series Aug. 5-Nov. 13

Archery Sept. 3-Oct. 7

General Oct. 8-Nov. 13

Bighorn Sheep
Archery Sept. 3-Sept. 14

General Sept. 15-Nov. 27

Black Bear
Spring May 31-June 15

Fall archery Sept. 3-Sept. 14

Fall Sept. 15-Nov. 27

Deer & Elk
Archery Sept. 3-Oct. 16

Youth, deer-only Oct. 20-Oct. 21

General Oct. 22-Nov. 27

General Sept. 15-Nov. 27

Mountain Lion
Archery Sept. 3-Oct. 16

Fall Oct. 22-Nov. 27

Winter Dec. 1-April 14

Archery Sept. 3-Sept. 14

General Sept. 15-March 15

Trappling Dec. 15-Feb. 28

Upland Birds
Mountain grouse Sept. 1-Jan. 1

Partridge Sept. 1-Jan. 1

Pheasant Oct. 8-Jan. 1

Sage Grouse Sept. 1-Sept. 30

Sharp-tailed Grouse Sept. 1-Jan. 1

Turkey Sept. 1-Jan. 1

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