2016 New Year’s Resolutions


With the whole world making New Year’s resolutions that typically include things like: Excercise More, Lose Weight, Save Money, etc., we thought we’d give our friends a quick list of how to use their self-storage more thoroughly.

  1. Create an organized space. Sure, the unit you have rented might only be 25 square feet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t divide and conquer. Use shelving.
  2. Divide into seasons. Winter: winter clothing and sports equipment like skis, sleds, and snowshoes. Holiday decorations. Spring: Gardening tools, buckets, extra hoses, bulbs, etc. Summer: coolers, picnic baskets, camping gear. Fall: yard clean-up tools like rakes, edgers, shovels.
  3. Don’t forget to winterize motorized vehicles by lubing the moving parts, protecting your chrome and stabilizing gasoline. Take the battery out.
  5. Protect your space. Use heavy duty locks. Keep codes safe and hard to guess! We are thankful for 2016—another year to connect with and serve our Windmill customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please come see us in the main office! We’re here for you.

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