Careful Storage


What kind of storage unit will you require?

Windmill Storage offers both heated and unheated storage units. It’s important to think about what types of items you are storing before choosing what type of unit to rent.

Most things will not require special storage. However, a heated unit may be necessary if you plan on storing any of the following things – and a dehumidifier may also be necessary. Please read your owners manuals for exact specifications!

  1. Electronics: computers, stereo’s, audio equipment, cameras
  2. Documents, Tax Records, File Storage
  3. Wood and other Natural Fiber Furniture – expands and contracts w heat variance & humidity
  4. Artwork

One tip to remember is to never cover anything in longterm storage with a tarp or plastic covering. Always choose a natural, breathable fabric like cotton or wool (or a professional moving blanket).

And lastly, always make sure that all outdoor gear going into storage is clean and dry. Tents, tarps, sleeping bags and cooking gear can mold and mildew if left unattended and dirty over long periods of time.

If you have any questions about your specific storage needs, please call our manager, Tony, at Windmill Storage and Business Park at 406-892-8900.

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