Fall Storage


Are you considering personal storage but you’re not quite sure what you’d put in a unit?

We thought we’d share a ‘snapshot’ of what our friends are using their storage units for.

-RVs and Camping Gear: the summer months are all about hitting the road, the mountain, the National Park! But come Fall, it’s time to put away our tents and backpacks, and instead of loading up the garage—a storage unit works perfectly.

-Motorcycles/ATV’s/Boats: These warm-weather toys need to be kept in good working order over the cold winter months. With just a little bit of prep work, a storage unit can be your garage-away-from-home, saving you precious space.

-Patio furniture, planters, gardening tools, wheelbarrows and the like: putting the summer away is part of ushering in the new season. Think about using a storage unit to increase your square footage at home.


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