Haze from Gold Pan Fire creating haze in Flathead Valley.

Haze from Gold Pan Fire creating haze in Flathead Valley.


Fire is a very real concern when the weather gets hot and the vegetation is as dry as it has been this summer.

While we have no imminent threats to our property or the surrounding properties, but it is always good to know about the safety of your personal property no matter where it is!

Windmill Storage does not hold insurance to cover tenants private storage contents. This is up to the individual tenant, and we advise every customer of Windmill Storage to check what their property insurance / homeowner’s policy says about stored items.

In Montana, we take camping—living outdoors, thank you very much :)—very seriously. We have been blessed with the most beautiful scenery in the whole of this country. Keeping it pristine and healthy should be a concern to every one recreating out of doors.

Please watch those sparks! Use water to put out campfires and matches, and if you see smoke, call in the professionals.

To get the latest on Fires in the area, check out the Montana DEQ website.

Thank you for doing business with Windmill Storage!



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