Self-Storage in Columbia Falls


Sometimes the best solutions are absolutely simple—but somehow overlooked in the everyday grind. Space in a storage unit is at a premium. Throwing things in willy-nilly and with haphazard organization will defeat the entire purpose of self-storage.

With that in mind, what about a pegboard? A pegboard isn’t just for Hardware Stores or garages! Install one in your storage unit (but only on a non-metal wall and with the permission of the Windmill manager) and you’ll find you have more room than you thought you did.

For example, try using a pegboard to store sports equipment! Helmets, bicycles, baseball mits and rackets can hang straight from hooks, while balls can be collected in mesh bags and hung as well.

Pegboards with 1/4 inch holes will be able to hold more weight than other sizes. Purchase hooks with appropriate weight ratings.

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