Planes, Planes and More Planes

Do you love airplanes?

The guys at Windmill do. A lot.


Which is why we were SO excited to learn about the Stonehenge Air Museum near Fortine.

It’s a hidden gem! Literally. To find this museum, you must first call for reservations and directions off Hwy 93. But it’s worth all the trouble.

This air museum owned by James Smith, is a collection of over two dozen famous military and civilian aircraft including a WW1 1917 Curtiss Jenny. Rumor has it that this exact plane flew in the popular wartime movie ‘The Spirit of St.Louis’.

You might wonder why the museum is named Stonehenge…we did. Well, it seems there is also a life-size replica of the famous Stonehenge on property—surely another reason to put a stop at this airplane museum on your calendar.

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