Put Away the Holidays



This year we’ve collected expert information for you on how to put away the holidays! Many of our Windmill clients are arriving daily with trunks full of Christmas decorations and the reusable Christmas tree—but if you’re still working on putting the ornaments and manger’s away for the year—here are the top tips (in no particular order).

  1. Use plastic, stackable bins with lids. These bins should be clear—all except for the lids. Use different colored lids for different holidays. Red/Green for Christmas, Yellow for Thanksgiving, Black/White for New Years, etc.
  2. Use silica gel packets to keep all your collectibles in perfect condition. Don’t be afraid to iron out that tissue paper and reuse it next year!
  3. Try separating your ornaments for storage with beer crates (cardboard six-packs)
  4. Wrap delicate ornaments in Bubble Wrap. Take stock of what you’ve used, and what you still have wrapped up from last year. Maybe it’s time to donate some of your less-used decorations.
  5. Designate one box for lights, one box for wreaths (separate with clear plastic bags), one box for soft goods (like Christmas stockings, table cloths, etc.), one box for table-top decor. This is also a great time of year to declutter your house, and as 2015 was the year of the Kon Mari method, we’ll come back next week with some top tips to organize your home for 2016.

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