Smoke Exposure

With wildfires raging around Montana, smoke is a constant air polluter.

Photo courtesy of Joe Parks via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Joe Parks via Flickr

Wildfire smoke is full of particulates from burning wood and brush. Prolonged exposure can be dangerous—irritation of the eyes, lung inflammation—not to mention the havoc it can wreak on those already suffering from heart trouble.  Older adults and children are especially at risk for health problems and should avoid the smoke as best they can!

Dust masks, like the kind found at hardware stores, are good for big particles—like sawdust—but really cannot shield from the particulates found in wildfire smoke. The best way to avoid the smoke is to stay indoors (don’t open the windows!) and have a HVAC system that is ‘cleaning’ your air. If this isn’t an option for you, it really is best to leave the area until the air quality improves.

Press HERE for a link to the FLATHEAD VALLEY area air quality.

Last but not least, do not burn outside! And if you see a fire, call authorities immediately.

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