Store What?

oversize-doors-storage-spaceOne of the best things about visiting Montana is the variety of outdoor recreation available everywhere you look! From the water to the mountain tops, there are all kinds of recreating.

Windmill Storage customers use our facility to store everything from camping gear to RV’s. With over 600 units available, we have the necessary space for your necessities!

Windmill Storage units all have insulated ceilings for those cold Montana winters. If you need heated units, we have those, too! RV’s and Boat’s can be stored either in our outdoor parking spaces or inside some of our larger units.

To give you a better idea about what will fit, here are our unit sizes and a brief description of what you could store inside:

5×5: One bedroom apartment, mattress & bed frame OR bicycles and camping gear

10×10: Furnishings from a two bedroom apartment, refrigerator, washer/dryer. Stackable boxes

10×15: vehicle or small boat, OR, contents of a small 2-3 bedroom home.

10×20: vehicle or boat, patio furniture, appliances, garage extras and furnishings from a 3-bedroom home

10×25: vehicle, small boat, or camper / furnishings from a 3-4 bedroom home, appliances, garage extras, and moving boxes full of miscellaneous goods

12×25: vehicle, boat, camper or RV / home furnishings, appliances, garage extras, motorcycle, camping gear and moving boxes full of miscellaneous goods


No matter what you have to store, Windmill Storage offers a solution for you. Stop by and have a cup of coffee with us; we’d love to show you around and see how we can help you out today.


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