Store Your Bicycles at Windmill Storage!

Store your bicycles at Windmill Storage!

Columbia Falls Mini Storage

If you do, you’ll be in good company.

Each year, we have the pleasure of hosting some really FUN bicycle enthusiasts. You could be one of them!

Bicycle Adventures is a company that hosts rides all over the country and internationally! Want to see the sights up-close? There is no better way to experience the natural beauty of Montana.

The Glacier National Park 4-day Tour will take a group of riders through the heart of our unbelievable park August 3-10.

“Ride and explore the gorgeous cycling routes in this remarkable region. Pedal past wilderness lakes and glaciers nestled between craggy peaks. Marvel at waterfalls hurtling from cliff sides. Be astonished at abundant wildlife, from bighorn sheep to American bison. Bike magnificent Going to the Sun Road – a ride that will forever steal your heart.”

All levels of Bicyclists are invited to participate and the tour comes with all meals.

Try it out! We enjoy visiting with our Bicycle Adventure friends each year, and we think you’ll have a blast, too!

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