Storing Your RV, Travel Trailer or Camper Between Trips

Store RV, trailer, snowmobiles and all your toys

Windmill Storage and Business Park has space available to store your RV, Travel Trailer or Camper either indoors or out. Many of our new units are plenty large enough for full size RVs — Plus, they are lighted, and come with automatic roll-up doors!

Now that camping season is upon us, we thought we’d answer some basic questions about how to best store an RV, Travel Trailer or Camper BETWEEN camping trips. This is not advice for the end-of-season winter storage.

  1. Remove all soiled linens. Replace with clean, dry linens (sheets, shower towels, pillow cases, kitchen towels, wash clothes, etc.). While it is just fine to put clean towels on the shelf for a week or two, if you’re next trip is more than 3 weeks away, store your freshly laundered linens in vacuum sealed bags.
  2. Use Moisture Eliminating crystals. These can be found in any big box store, and are very useful for indoor camper storage.
  3. Remove all canned foods (especially home-canned foods). While most folks believe canned food lasts forever—it can explode in high temperatures, or in home-canned situations, go bad. Store canned food in cool, dry places.
  4. This may go without saying, but always wash and dry all cutlery and dish ware. Nothing attracts varmints like the smell of good food!
  5. Scrub down your BBQ.
  6. Empty your refrigerator and leave the door open. Put an opened baking soda container in the open refrigerator to neutralize smells.
  7. If you are storing the RV, Travel Trailer or Camper indoors, crack all ventilation.
  8. Leave doors and drawers open for air flow.
  9. Lastly, drain all fresh water tanks. Did you know water can go bad? Stagnant water is not best to drink. Fill up again before going out!

Happy Camping!

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