Welcome Tony- Our New Manager!

Windmill Storage would like to welcome Tony, our new manager!


Please stop by and say hello—there’s hot coffee in the office 🙂 But just in case you won’t be in right away, we thought we’d do a little interview with Tony, to introduce him to our Windmill friends.

1. Hi Tony! Tell us about your family, and how long you’ve lived here in Montana.
I am from Montana, born and raised here. Our family moved back to Montana in 2004 so our 4 children could go to high school here with their cousins.

I have been married to Tracey for 30yrs we have 3 sons and a daughter.

I have a list of job titles.
I worked as a Commercial Construction senior project manager for 17yrs for two international companies during my career. I have built in Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington and Montana.
I have been in the trades off and on since I was 16 yrs. old.
I worked for a Hi tech vehicle manufacturer as their Senior Project Manager for several years, here in Montana.
I also served as a reserve Deputy Sheriff in Yuma Az. for 7-1/2 yrs.,
while also working as a certified high school English teacher and varsity wrestling coach.

2. What do you like to do in Montana in your free time?
I enjoy archery hunting elk— I have hunted archery since I was 14 yrs. old,
I love race cars and racing in general, my 3 sons are all race car drivers and our family enjoys travelling and racing all over the NW U.S.
My wife and I enjoy camping with family and friends and we also really enjoy going to visit family and seeing my new grandson…

3. Favorite season and outdoor recreation of choice?
I love fall, NASCAR, Elk hunting, camping and Snow…

4. If you could go anywhere on vacation where would you go?
To visit aging family members all over the country

5. Fancy coffee or plain black?
I love coffee with my Vanilla creamer.

6. First job you ever had. What did you learn?
My first job was as a Bagboy at Sykes grocery here in Kalispell. At 14 I learned how to drive a manual on the column shift delivery van in the middle of winter and had no driver’s license, lol I should have got busted for that one…

7. Best advice you’ve ever received:
If you are going to argue with your wife, argue naked. Problems solved…. Great advice, I share it with every newlywed couple we know.

Thanks, Tony. That was awesome.

Come into the Windmill sometime and welcome Tony. Sounds like he might have some more good stories to tell 🙂

Tony Corpron
General Manager
Windmill Business Park
5375 Hwy 2W
Columbia Falls, MT. 59912

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