Wilderness Hike

Wilderness Hike

Even as the weather turns colder, Montana is still the most beautiful place for outdoor recreation. Many of our customers at Windmill Storage and Business Park enjoy the pristine mountain peaks year-round. Never done it? The Montana Wildnerness Association is offering a great way to dip into hiking through their free public hikes.

Join a public wilderness hike September 18th at the TUCHUCK MOUNTAIN TRAIL HEAD, Polebridge MT 59912. The group will leave at 8am and cover over 4000 ft elevation throughout the day.

From the website:

“The Montana Wilderness Association hosts a FREE, public Wilderness Walk to Tuchuck Mountain, deep in the Whitefish Range. With views into some of Northwest Montana’s Wildest Country, golden larch trees and brilliantly red huckleberry bushes, Tuchuck mountain is truly a gem of the Whitefish Range!

At over 13 miles and with almost 4,000 vertical feet of elevation gain, this hike is as strenuous as it is rewarding.

There is limited availability on this group outing, so interested hikers will need to log onto http://www.wildmontana.org/discover-the-wild/wilderness-walks/ to sign up. The hike leader will respond with details about meeting time and place. All hikers need to be self sufficient and fully-equipped with water, lunch and gear for any type of weather.”


Call for additional information: (406) 758-5208

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