Wood Burning

Photo courtesy of Joe Parks via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Joe Parks via Flickr

As a courtesy reminder, from now until the end of open burning season (November 30), Ranger Districts across the Flathead National Forest are conducting prescribed burns to reduce the impact of potential future wild land fire events.

The areas involved are as following:

  1. Hungry Horse / Glacier View Ranger District (406)-387-3800
  2. Tally Lake Ranger District (406) 758-5204
  3. Spotted Bear Ranger District (406) 758-5376
  4. Swan Lake Ranger District (406)837-7500

Firefighters will be clearing hand and mechanical piles of debris, as well as doing controlled burns through some designated acreage. For more information, call the Ranger Station associated with your district (as listed above).

From all of us at Windmill, be safe!

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